Frequently Asked Questions

What is GiftCardPlace?

At GiftCardPlace, find discounted gift cards for all of your favorite brands. Save up to 60% off the card's value, or sell your unwanted gift cards in exchange for cash. GiftCardPlace connects buyers and sellers of discounted gift cards. We gather gift card inventory data from various third-party gift card merchants and display gift card data for discount comparison. GiftCardPlace earns a small referral fee from the gift card merchants. We do not buy or sell gift cards.

What are discount gift cards?

Discount gift cards are born with people like you who sell gift cards that were once well-intended gifts but never ended up spent for one reason or another. When you buy discount gift cards, you save money. Think of "gift cards for less" as a new kind of coupon.

Why would I buy discount gift cards?

When you buy gift cards, you get gift cards for less than face value. You can buy gift cards and then give them away as gifts, and no one (except for you) will know that you saved money. Consider it a gift to yourself every time you give a gift card to someone else.

Does GiftCardPlace sell or buy gift cards?

GiftCardPlace is not a retailer and does not directly buy or sell any gift cards. We do, however, provide you with thousands of gift card inventory buy and sell offers all in one place. Once you find the best gift card for a particular occasion, we will redirect you to the respective vendor's website to complete your purchase.

How do I check my gift card balance?

Check the back of your gift card, and you will find a serial number and PIN number unique to your card. You will also find a toll-free number. Call the toll-free number and enter the serial number and pin to verify the card's current value. If there is no customer service number printed on your card, you can visit the card issuer's website for assistance in checking the value on your card. You can also use our gift card balance check page.

Do gift cards expire or have any maintenance fees?

Most of the retail gift cards do not have an expiration date or maintenance fees. However, since every retailer has different rules based on home address, please refer to their specific terms and conditions on each brand's page before purchasing their card.

What are eGift cards or eCode?

An electronic gift card is a digital gift card sent to the recipient via an electronic platform such as email, text, or mobile phone.

How is an eGift card or eCode sent?

eGift cards are sent and delivered electronically through email, app, or text. Delivery time can be nearly instantaneous or take up to 24 hours, depending on the retailer.

What if I can't find my eGift card or eCode?

If you received an eGift card and are unsure where to find it, search your email account or contact the retailer's customer service for help. It's a good idea to check your email account's spam and promotions folders.

Are e-gift cards or eCode refundable?

Once the retailer sends an e-gift card via email, it is generally non-refundable, but it may vary based on the retailer's terms and conditions. If the recipient does not receive their e-card, contact the retailer's customer service to see if they can resend your eGift card.

How Do I Know a Specific Gift Card Vendor Is Legit?

GiftCardPlace only features gift card vendors sites that we know to be reliable, trustworthy, and offer a money-back guarantee. Please contact us and inform us if you happen to have a comment or concern about any vendor listed on our site.

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